Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Monster Invasion hits Norway

In the quickly shifting dynamics of world politics a little-noticed box of 1960s monsters and soldiers spilled out a surprise invasion force today. A lone viking looks ill suited to thwart the fearsome onslaught, captured here on a verandah in the small hamlet of Herre, Norway. Worrisome is the apparent loss of the viking's sword. At closer inspection, however, the monsters seem to suffer from a variety of disabilities also.
The wolf man, for instance, looks to be lacking fingers. An eye witness recalls that boys probably burned the blue monster in the early 1970s, over-zealous in their playing with matches and firecrackers. The orange Creature, too, seems to be suffering from never-drying motor oil, despite having been kept in a dry closet for decades. Soviet soldiers dance like Cossacks, intent on muddying the message.

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  1. First time I've looked at this blog in quite a while. The figures remind me of the sets advertised for sale in old comic books.